The SATs Are Coming! Help Your Child Prepare

The SATs are coming up; is your child ready? As groups of students trudge towards empty classrooms to take what may be the most nerve-wracking exam of their lives, only the best prepared can hope to do well. Grueling questions covering math, reading and writing await your anxious child who will have just under four hours to show what they know.

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Discussing College Choices With Your Teen

by Katie Andersen

Choosing where to go to college is, for many adults, the most important decision he or she will need to make so far in life. It can be difficult to explain the magnitude of college decisions to a teenager, who is likely more concerned about the now, than a future that seems very distant to him or her. You can help by making sure to start talking to your teen early and doing your best to educate and prepare them for this important step in life.

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