Natural Cough and Cold Home Remedies

homemade cough syrup

If you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you are probably making good choices about what you eat. One of the goals of eating well is good health, however, everyone gets a cough or cold once in awhile. These home remedies will help you avoid the doctor and over the counter medicines and help to get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

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Potty Training: 5 Tips That Stick!


Raising a child can be a challenge, but one challenge, in particular, that many parents find to be a headache is potty training. Yes, while your child is going to eventually learn how to use the potty, many parents either often find themselves rushing their child, starting too early or doing the wrong things.

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The Five Minute Bedwetting Guide

Bedwetting isn’t a highlight of childhood. Or parenthood. But it’s something that most families have to deal with. Here are some tips to overcoming bedwetting and making the process easier for the whole family.

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Dining out with Toddlers

It is no secret that toddlers are not fun to take out to eat. In fact, many parents avoid taking their one- and two-year-old’s out to dinner, and for good reason. There’s nothing like having a toddler melt down in the middle of a restaurant.

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Fall Toddler Craft: Thumbprint Leaves

Thumbprint Leaf Craft


This fall craft is similar to a thumbprint leaf craft my older boys did a couple of years ago at library story time.

The craft they did at the library used a photocopy drawing of a tree and ink pads, but this craft uses construction paper and craft paints instead. This craft is great for toddlers and preschoolers, but suitable for older children also. When I showed my older boys what their 2-year-old brother had made, they told me they made the same thing in art class in first grade.

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