Top Holiday Gifts for Preschoolers

If you are looking for a holiday gift for a preschool aged child, here are some of the popular gifts you can buy for children ages 3 to 5 this year.

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Fun & Loving Ways to Fill the Christmas Vacation Days!

by Jocelyn

With Christmas fast approaching, many parents are about to have their children home for an extended period of time, quite possibly even an entire week or more! While the thought of pajamas all day and nothing but Christmas movies and holiday treats is more than inviting, it’s typically not a healthy idea for an entire week.

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Enjoying Christmas Songs in a Secular World

by Maria McDonald

Many people may remember when the Christmas season began with a crisp breath in the air and a soft tune on the wind. Stores, shopping malls, doctor’s offices, and restaurants were filled with the sounds of Christmas. Patrons heard about chestnuts, snowmen, and reindeer. Mixed with the secular songs were lyrics detailing Christ in a manger, angelic celebrations, and the dawn of a new age.

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Compassion at Christmas

by Teresa Bell Kindred

Her name is Reina Gricelda Piris Sinay; a long name for a little girl. I first met Reina when she was just three years old. Actually, we have never met. I read about an organization called Compassion at and I signed up to sponsor a child, and that is how our relationship began.

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Christmas Nativity Gift for Teachers

by Alysia Schwarz

Several years ago, I had an inspiration and put this Christmas gift idea together. I’ve done it for several of my kids’ teachers since and it has always been very meaningful for them. I’ve also done it for my daughter’s gymnastics coach and my son’s speech therapist. It is my hope that this gift be a way that more parents can bless more teachers.

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