Why Toddlers Bite and What You Can Do About It

Ouch! Toddler biting hurts and it can be just as painful to see other children avoid your toddler because they don’t want to be bitten. If your toddler is biting others, it’s important to know that this behavior is very common, and it’s usually not intended to harm others. There are also simple steps you can take to curb your toddler’s biting problem.

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Ten Alternatives to Spanking

by Destry Maycock

Spanking is only a temporary solution to ongoing problems. Spanking usually leaves a child wondering what should I do differently so I don’t get hit again. Seldom are spankings followed by instruction on what the child needs to do or stop doing. It generally is nothing more than a release of the parent’s frustration directed toward the child. It teaches a child to comply because of fear rather than a sense of what is right or wrong. It teaches children that violence is an acceptable way to solve their problems. Children who are spanked often have a greater risk of low self-esteem, aggression, lying, cheating, depression and bullying. Spanking sets the example that it is okay to hit when a person is upset or angry. Below are ten alternatives to spanking that you might find helpful.

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Effective Parenting Techniques – How to use Time Out Successfully

Tips for successfully disciplining your toddler by using “time outs”.

Star Charts

Start charts are a great motivational tool for preschool children.

Minimizing Temper Tantrums: Giving Your Toddler Choices

Tips for avoiding toddler temper tantrums by giving choices.