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Apple Stamping


This apple stamping activity is really fun for preschool and elementary aged children. Most kids love to paint, and using apples to paint with is even more fun.

apple stampingFor this activity you will need:

  • White paper for background
  • Craft paint (brown, orange, red, yellow)
  • Paint brush
  • Apple
  • Paper plate
  • Paint smock (optional)

First help your child cut the apple in half. You want to cut it in half at the top, not in the middle. Look at the apple with your child so that they can see what apples look like inside and see what the seeds look like.

Squeeze out some of the craft paint on a paper plate for your child to use to paint.

Depending on the age of your child, you may need to help your child with the outline of the tree. For my 5-year-old son, I used a pencil to draw an outline of the tree trunk and branches and then he painted the tree brown.

Next help your child get some paint on the cut apple and then let them have fun stamping apples on the tree. My son had so much fun doing this he didn’t want to stop.

This is a fun activity to do for fall or Thanksgiving. If you are looking for a fun fall book about apples to read with your child, one of our favorites is Apple Trouble!

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Fall Activity: Candy Corn Math


My 5-year-old son and I have been having fun doing some fall activities during the weeks counting down to Thanksgiving. I saw this fun candy corn counting activity on Pinterest and thought my son would like it. The activity I saw was a little too easy for him so I decided to change it up a bit to make it harder.

candy corn countingFor this activity you will need:

  • Green construction paper
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Sharpie marker
  • Candy corn
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Cut out the yellow and green construction paper in the shapes of ears of corn (see photo). You can use a pattern to trace them, or just cut them out free hand. They don’t have to look perfect. Glue the pieces together to look like ears of corn.

The object of this activity is for your child to count candy corns. There is a couple of ways you can have your child do this activity, depending on their math skills.

For preschoolers, you can use the Sharpie to write a number on each ear of corn and then have your child count out that many pieces of candy corn to place on the ear on corn.

My son is a little past that stage, so I decided to use the “+” and “-” signs between the ears of corn so that he could practice adding and subtracting.

If you have an older child who is learning multiplication and division, you can also add those signs. I love how this activity is so versatile for different ages.

My son had a lot of fun playing with the candy corn, and of course eating them when he was done.

I also saw this other cute idea for a similar activity placing turkey feathers on a turkey. We will have to try that one next year.

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Fall Leaf Turkey


Here is a cute turkey you can make with your kids for fall or Thanksgiving. Fall leaves are used to make the turkey’s feathers.

Supplies needed:

  • Fall leaves
  • Clip art turkey
  • Construction paper for background
  • Glue
  • Scissors

fall leaf turkeyFor the body of the turkey you can either draw your own or search for some turkey clip art on Google. I found this cute one here. It says the graphic is free to use for the public domain. I printed it out and cut it out to use for the body of our turkey.

For the feathers, you and your child can have some fun hunting for fall leaves. You will want the leaves to be nice and dry and flat, so collect them a week before you do this project and press them between the pages of a large book like a phone book.

Have your child glue the body of the turkey to a piece of construction paper and then glue on the dried leaves for the turkey’s feathers.

That’s it! This is a really cute easy project for Thanksgiving. I love the natural look of the leaves.

If you are looking for some fun turkey stories for Thanksgiving, The Amazing Turkey Rescue is one of my son’s favorites. We read it every year.

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Fall Leaf Wreath


Here is a fun fall activity you can do with your kids. All you need are a few supplies and you can make this wreath in 30 minutes or less.

fall leaf wreathSupplies needed:

  • Fall leaves
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue

You will want to pick out your fall leaves a couple of days or a week before you use them. It is best to flatten them before you use them for this craft.

My son and I picked out some pretty leaves of different shapes and colors and then we pressed them between the pages of a phone book. We only had them in there about 3 days or so and they were nice and dry and flat.

Next cut the center out of a paper plate so that you have a ring shape, like the form of a wreath.

Have your child glue the leaves around the edges of the plate. You can paint the plate first if you like, but we just left ours white and tried to fill in the holes. I think we were able to fill in the empty spots pretty well.

Let the wreath dry before hanging.

This wreath is so quick and easy and I love how pretty it looks, perfect for fall.

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Thumbprint Leaf Craft


This week’s theme at library story time was fall leaves. The boys heard some cute stories about fall, and they made this fall tree craft. Of course they loved doing the craft because it involved putting their hands on an ink pad!

[include file=../googlead.txt]

For this craft all you need are some ink pads and a black and white drawing of a tree. You can draw your own tree or search for a drawing online. This tree template would work well.

thumb print leaf

Have your child place his or her thumb or other fingertip in the ink and then press onto the page to make a fall leaf. You will need a variety of ink pads. Make sure to get the kind for kids that will wash off easily. The library had some neat ink pads that were large enough to fit the child’s entire hand.

Baby wipes work well for quick clean up. While your child is completing the craft, you can talk about all the colors of fall leaves.

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