Advantages of Home Schooling through High School

by Romona Weston

Many parents like you have thought about the possibilities of homeschooling their children through high school. After all, every responsible and loving parent wants the very best for their offspring. The simple truth is that whether you send your child to high school or teach them yourself, your decision will impact them for the rest of their lives. I think it’s a decision worth taking some time to think about.

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50 States Magnetic Puzzle Map


Puzzles are great for preschool-aged children. We started out with the 24 piece jigsaw puzzles recommended for ages 3+. My 4 1/2-yr-old boys quickly graduated to 50 and 60 piece puzzles. Not all children will be really interested in puzzles, but if your child does show an interest, don’t be afraid to get harder and harder puzzles, even if the puzzle says it is for older children.

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Teach Your Sons With These Great Homeschool Camping Ideas

Fun activities you can do while camping to encourage learning in boys or girls.

Word Search Puzzles Kids Can Make

Kids love making their own word search puzzles. It will also help them practice their spelling and vocabulary!

Spelling Games

Spelling games to help your children learn to spell more effectively.