Potty Training: 5 Tips That Stick!


Raising a child can be a challenge, but one challenge, in particular, that many parents find to be a headache is potty training. Yes, while your child is going to eventually learn how to use the potty, many parents either often find themselves rushing their child, starting too early or doing the wrong things.

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The Five Minute Bedwetting Guide

Bedwetting isn’t a highlight of childhood. Or parenthood. But it’s something that most families have to deal with. Here are some tips to overcoming bedwetting and making the process easier for the whole family.

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Is Your Toddler Ready to Start Potting Training?


As your sweet baby grows into a toddler, you will likely be wondering when he or she will be ready to use the potty! Every parent is anxious to get their child out of diapers, and I am no exception.

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Potty Training that Works

by Valerie Garner

I hope this information helps you and your little ones as much as it did mine. I used this on both my boys when they were potty training aged and it worked perfectly, it was so easy.

First, to make sure your child is ready for potty training, shows interest, wants “big kids pants” etc. Make this a game, make it fun and you will not run into stubborn opposition (after all it is the child’s body). Go out and buy or find around the house items you don’t normally let your child play with that could fit into this category, some kind of toys that can be used are water toys (3 or 4 things), could be little plastic pitchers, balls, whatever, but make them SPECIAL.

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How to End the Misery of Bedwetting

Ideas for helping your child overcome bedwetting.