Top Beginning Musical Instruments for Kids

A lot of parents feel it is important for their children to learn how to play a musical instrument. There are some basic considerations before choosing an instrument for a child. 

Children can begin to learn to play an instrument as young as three years old, depending on the aptitude of the child. In order to learn to read music, a child needs to be able to understand the concept of reading from left to right. Most children do best by beginning to learn an instrument at the age of six or seven.  Here are the most common beginning instruments for children.


Many parents have a dream of having their children learn to play the piano. Children as young as three years old can learn to play the piano. To benefit from piano lessons, it is necessary to have a piano at home for practice. Piano lessons also require a lot of self motivation on the part of the child. It is no fun forcing your child to practice, and the piano is actually one of the hardest beginning instruments to master. If your child has a desire to learn to play the piano, then encourage his or her interest.


The guitar is recommended for children ages six and up. For most children, the guitar is easier to learn to play than the piano. It also requires a lot of self motivation in order to get your child to practice the required amount of time to master the guitar. It is easy to find guitar teachers, however, you may find that some guitar teachers are more experienced than others and teach a variety of techniques. Don’t be afraid to try more than one teacher to find one that will work well with your child.

The ukele is another option for children wanting to learn to play the guitar.

Trumpet or Trombone

If your child is interested in playing a brass instrument, then a trumpet or trombone are great choices for a beginner. If your child has dreams of someday excelling on a tuba or french horn, then it is necessary to first master the more basic trumpet or trombone.

Flute or Clarinet

The flute or clarinet are good beginning instruments for children interested in playing woodwind instruments. These instruments pave the way to later learning to play the saxophone, bass clarinet, or oboe.

Violin or Cello

The violin or cello are common choices for children who want to learn to play a stringed instrument. These types of instruments are good choices if your child’s school has a good established orchestra. Make sure that if there isn’t a good music program at your child’s school that you can find qualified private teachers in your area that teach lessons for stringed instruments.


The drums are recommended for children ages ten and up. Many children have dreams of learning to play the drums. Keep in mind that drum kits are not inexpensive, and that piano lessons are also required when learning to play the drums. Make sure that you have somewhere for your child to practice, such as in a bonus room or garage.

Some children have more musical talent than others. It is also necessary to keep in mind whether the child learns better individually or in a group with other children. 

When choosing a beginning an instrument for your child, keep in mind that some instruments are much more affordable than others and it is easier to find teachers for some instruments than others. Whatever instrument you and your child decide, make sure it is one your child will enjoy. The love of playing and enjoying good music are great qualities to install in your child.

Justin Miller is a professional blogger that writes for JamPlay is a leading online music educator offering 2,000+ online beginner acoustic guitar lessons in HD.

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